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Raw  Skate and Scoot Gear  from the Sunny Coast.

Built for you, the skater and scooter.

Our Brands

Sacrifice Scooters

Sacrifice has been paving the way in the stunt scooter scene for over half a decade – innovating and creating, where other brands follow.

Sacrifice Scooters is firmly rooted in Pro Level action sports, thanks to the owners 20+ years of riding BMX, bringing product advances from outside of scootering into the sport.

We work tirelessly through ever-evolving product development and Pro Rider testing to solve the biggest problems for serious scooter riders. The result is we keep our parts strong where they need to be and reduce weight in all the right places.

Since Day One Sacrifice has had a gift for spotting World Class talent early on, and this continues in 2016 with the Sacrifice Pro Team, our carefully selected exclusive team of riders from around the globe.

Sacrifice has an incredible range of new products, including some never done before innovations.

Rare Skateboards

With the input of downhill, freeride and slide riders, all with decades of experience, connected with the best in board sports engineering and manufacturing, we’ve created new Aussie board brand, RARE.

RARE has been in the making for over a year,
with our dedicated team working tirelessly behind the scenes, crafting unique, stylish and supremely hard wearing parts.

This gives you the RARE ideal setups;
as perfect for downhill as they are for freeride and dance.

With unique custom moulds, shapes and materials throughout the range, including materials lighter and stronger than anything on the market, RARE boards are robust and supportive for downhill,
while being light weight and super responsive for freeride.

This is the first chapter in a new story for long boarding. We will continue to push the boundaries of innovation, always bringing something new to the sport.


Koastal Skate


Koastal represents an all around love for boarding by uniting characteristics of surf and skate to produce a truly unique product that is unlike any other board in the skateboard industry.  Each Koastal skateboard has a classic, natural, and timeless style that will appeal to riders both young and old. 

We take pride in making quality skateboards, taking the additional time and effort to craft each complete real wood top sheet by hand. Our signature handcrafted stringer boards are combined with state of the art hardware, specially designed to guarantee a skateboard as distinct as it's rider.  Most of our Koastal skateboards are designed primarily for carving and cruising.

Community involvment.

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